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Jan 2

CLOUDBURST BUSINESS AND LEGAL SERVICES – working as a Barrister Intermediary with the Legal Services Guild

For most of us, making plans to ensure that our loved ones are taken care of once we have gone, and being certain that they receive the maximum benefit from the assets we have acquired through hard work, is one of the most important things we will ever do.

Without a Will you are leaving your legacy open to numerous threats. For example through divorce or remarriage; the death of a beneficiary; or via a challenge from an excluded beneficiary.

Also, everyone's circumstances are different and you should be wary of a "one size fits all" solution when making a Will or any other form of estate planning.

Cloudburst offers a fully accredited estate planning service, primarily through Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Working as a Barrister Intermediary through the Legal Services Guild I am able to provide peace of mind for my clients, enabling them to put robust plans in place to protect their assets and guarantee their wishes will be carried out.

Working directly with the general public, and in collaboration with businesses in the financial and legal sectors ie mortgage advisers, financial advisers, I work to ensure clients are fully aware of the potential threats to their estate and the best ways to mitigate against them.

For business owners I am able to support them in protecting their business through putting in place Shareholder Agreements, Cross Option Agreements and Business Powers of Attorney.

I work across the North of England and offer both office based appointments and also home appointments for those who want to discuss things within their own familiar surroundings.


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Services for you:

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Services for your business:

Cross Option Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Business Powers of Attorney

Contact Details:

Tel: 07988 722688
Facebook: Cloudburst Business and Legal Services

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